Against human interference: Electric fences protect forests in Kenya

Electric fences are usually used for guarding buildings against burglars, but Kenyan authorities have different usage for them. Find out what

Protecting resources

Kenyan environmental group Rhino Ark Trust has installed electric fences near two main areas where rainfall feeds Kenya's rivers, and third in Mount Kenya, where 250 kilometres out of a planned 450 kilometres (280 miles) has been constructed.


Increasing forest cover

Kenya aims to increase its forest cover to 10% of its land mass by 2022, attaining the standard set by the United Nations, from about 7% in 2015, data from the ministry of environment showed.


Protecting wildlife

The fences help protect wildlife from hunting and trees from being chopped down. However, contrary to the controversies, they do not cut off local communities - Rhino Ark encourages the Ogiek community in Eburru to harvest honey and wild fruits.


Prime mountain forests protected

Rhino Ark Trust estimates that its fences protect 570,000 hectares of prime mountain forests that are Kenya's key rain catchment areas.


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