Afghanistan's children shudder in harsh winters amid rising violence

Updated: Jan 01, 2021, 03:17 PM(IST)

An increase in violent activities is not the only cause of alarm in Afghanistan, the country — especially children — are also having to battle the bone-crushing winter with limited resources

No roof

More than 300,000 children are having to bear the harsh winters of Afghanistan without a permanent roof and supply of food, owing to the ongoing civil war and and heated interactions with the terrorist groups.


Camping for survival

The ongoing civil war in the country has forced thousands of children to find solace in temporary, relief shelters which have been set up by various organisations for homeless people. 


Children among worst-affected demographic

The early snow in the country has specifically affected children in a very negative manner as a lot of them hail from a poor background whose parents are unable to provide for their food or winter clothing.



Most vulnerable

"The most vulnerable children are those whose schools have shut because of the worsening winter conditions," Chris Nyamandi, Afghanistan country director for Save the Children said in a statement. "Their families don’t have the money to buy winter clothing. Instead children are forced to huddle at home to escape the bitter cold."


No schools

As of now, the officials have closed the schools till the month of March, especially in some of the coldest parts of the country where temperature can reach upto minus 27 degrees Celsius.


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