'A yum to-go': Vienna's Hotel Sacher establishes drive-in cake centre amid pandemic

Updated: Nov 28, 2020, 08:02 PM(IST)

A luxury hotel in Vienna, which is famous for serving delicious cakes and chocolates, have come up with an innovative way to serve their customers

Cake sale

Vienna's iconic luxury Hotel Sacher has come up with an innovative way to sell their key product — cakes


Sacher Torte

The hotel's concierge, Uwe Kotzendorfer, is selling "Sacher Torte", giving hope to people craving for the hotel's delicacy.


To-go boxes

The cakes and chocolates are being packed in small to-go boxes which cost nearly 50 and 60 euros ($60 to $71) and can be picked up through drive-in points.


Entrance to heaven

Concierge Uwe Katzendorfer poses at the entrance of the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna on November 25, 2020. Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in Austria, the famous Sacher, which faces the Opera, has been trying to get through the crisis by drawing on the examples of resilience inherited from its long imperial and royal tradition.


Famous hall

General Director of the famous Hotel Sacher, Matthias Winkler poses in the famous hall of the Hotel in Vienna that has served as one of the most remarkable room.


Historical importance

A wall with historical photographs of the inventor of the "Sacher Torte" Franz Sacher (L) and Anna Maria Sacher (R) is pictured in the famous Hotel Sacher, representing the historical importance of the hotel.


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