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Oscars 2020 Live updates: Bong Joon-ho creates history with 'Parasite', wins best film, best director

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New DelhiUpdated: Feb 11, 2020, 03:57 PM IST


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Hollywood's biggest night is here! The 92nd Academy Awards will honour the best of the best from 2019 and we will bring you all the live updates here. 

10 Feb 2020, 11:02 AM (IST)
10 Feb 2020, 9:53 (IST)

'Parasite' creates history! Becomes the first non-English film to win the best film Oscars! This is unprecedented. Check out the full list of winners here. 

10 Feb 2020, 9:52 (IST)

Now for the final award of the night- the Best Picture award. Who will win? 'Parasite' or '1917'?

10 Feb 2020, 9:46 (IST)

Bong Joon-Ho's acceptance speech as he received the Best Director award. 



10 Feb 2020, 9:39 (IST)

The Best Actress Oscar goes to Renee Zellweger for her compelling performance in 'Judy'. This is her second Oscar win. 

10 Feb 2020, 9:35 (IST)

The Best Actor Oscar goes to Joaquin Phoenix for 'Joker'. There was really competition for this one!



10 Feb 2020, 9:32 (IST)

The incredible Olivia Coleman is here to present Best Actor award. We already know who is winning this one, don't we?

10 Feb 2020, 9:24 (IST)

'When I was in school, I studied Martin Scorsese's work. To be nominated along with him was itself a huge honour for me' Bong Joon-ho's acceptance speech is a tribute to his fellow nominees. 

10 Feb 2020, 9:21 (IST)

Bong Joon-ho creates hostory! Becomes the first South Korean to win a Best Director at Oscars 2020 for 'Parasite'. This is huge! 


10 Feb 2020, 9:16 (IST)

The legendary Elton John wins his second Oscars for '(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again' along with Bernie Taupin. 



10 Feb 2020, 9:12 (IST)

Hildur Gudnadottir creates history as she becomes the first woman to win the Best Original Score category. Truly well deserved. 


Urges mothers, daughters, sisters to speak up during her acceptance speech. "We need to hear more voices," says Hildur as she bows out of stage. 

10 Feb 2020, 9:02 (IST)

Check out all the red carpet fashion at Oscars 2020 here. 

10 Feb 2020, 8:58 (IST)

Original 'RocketMan' Elton John is here wearing a wearing purple suit and playing a bright red Piano! This man never goes off style! Will he win his second Oscar tonight?

10 Feb 2020, 8:54 (IST)

Oscar for Best International Feature Film goes to 'Parasite' 


10 Feb 2020, 8:47 (IST)

Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar goes to 'Bombshell' for literally changing actress Charlize Theron's face! 


10 Feb 2020, 8:45 (IST)

The Best Visual Effects Oscars goes to '1917'. 



10 Feb 2020, 8:35 (IST)

The incredibly talented Cynthia Erivo up on stage right now performing her Oscar nominated song from 'Harriet'. Erivo has also earned a Best Actress nomination for the same film. 

10 Feb 2020, 8:26 (IST)

Best Editing goes to 'Ford vs Ferari' 



10 Feb 2020, 8:22 (IST)

The legendary Roger Deakins wins Best Cinematography Oscar for heartbreaking '1917'- the film that apperead to be a one-shot film- but wasn't. 

10 Feb 2020, 8:17 (IST)

Halfway through Oscars 2020- here's a quick look at the awards tally so far. 


Ford V Ferrari - 1
Jojo Rabbit- 1
Little Women-1
Marriage Story-1
1917 -1
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood-2
Parasite- 1

10 Feb 2020, 8:10 (IST)

War drama '1917' wins its first Oscar for the night. Sound Mixing Oscar. 




10 Feb 2020, 8:09 (IST)

'Ford vs Ferrari' wins Sound Editing Oscar



10 Feb 2020, 8:08 (IST)

'Loosing' ourselves to Eminem for almost 18 years now! Eminem, everyone!


10 Feb 2020, 8:00 (IST)

Look who's here! Trust Academy to spring a surprise. 'Real Slim Shady' Eminem in the house, people! 

10 Feb 2020, 7:47 (IST)

Laura Dern wins her first Oscar- the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 'Marriage Story'. She dedicates her win to her actor parents. 



10 Feb 2020, 7:44 (IST)

'Learning To Skateboard In A War Zone (If You're A Girl)' wins Best Documentary Short Oscar. The film is a 'love letter' from the makers to the people of Afghanistan. 

10 Feb 2020, 7:40 (IST)

Mark Ruffalo presents Best Documentary feature to 'American Factory'. 



10 Feb 2020, 7:34 (IST)

Meanwhile, Natalie Portman honoured all those women directors snubbed by the Academy via her Oscars gown. Here have a look!

Good on you, Natalie! 

10 Feb 2020, 7:33 (IST)

Listen in as Taika Waiti accepts adapted screenplay Oscar. 



10 Feb 2020, 7:30 (IST)

Best Costume award goes to 'Little Women'. 



10 Feb 2020, 7:27 (IST)

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' wins the first Oscar of the night for production design. 



10 Feb 2020, 7:23 (IST)

He has all the reasons to! 



10 Feb 2020, 7:19 (IST)

Best Live Action Short goes to 'The Neighbor's Widow'.



10 Feb 2020, 7:15 (IST)

Taika Waititi takes home Best Original Screenplay award for his incredible little film 'Jojo Rabbit'. Read WION's review of the film here

10 Feb 2020, 7:11 (IST)

Bong Joon-ho shares screenplay Oscar with Han Jin Won for 'Parasite'



10 Feb 2020, 7:08 (IST)

Best Original Screenplay award goes to the man who has changed the way world sees cinema now. Bong Joon-ho wins Best Original Screenplay for 'Parasite'. What an incredible film! This is the first Oscar for South Korea. 

10 Feb 2020, 7:02 (IST)

The voice of Elsa in 'Frozen 2'- singer Idina Menzel performs with singers from across the world a unique rendition of  Oscar-nominated song 'Into The Unknown'. 

Idina Menzel


10 Feb 2020, 6:56 (IST)

Best Animated Short goes 'Hair Love'. The makers dedicate their win to Kobe Bryant and call for more diversity in animation. 'We wanted to normalise black hair through this film', they say as they pick up their Oscars.



10 Feb 2020, 6:54 (IST)

Haven't watched 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' yet? Well the film will re-release in India on February 14. Here's WION's review of the film

10 Feb 2020, 6:53 (IST)

'Toy Story 4' wins the Best Animated feature Oscar. 



10 Feb 2020, 6:45 (IST)

No prizes for guessing this one.  Bad Pitt wins best supporting actor for 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'. Hugs Leonardo Di Caprio as he goes up on stage. 


10 Feb 2020, 6:42 (IST)

The first award of the night is here. Who will win the Best Supporting actor award? 

10 Feb 2020, 6:40 (IST)

Who will win the best actor award? Who will take home the screenplay award? Here's a final look at the all the nominations at Oscars 2020


10 Feb 2020, 6:35 (IST)

And she even mentions the women directors have done some incredible work all this while. So what if Academy doesnt nominate any of them- Janelle Monáe just paid the most colourful tribute to female directors of Hollywood and gets a standing ovation by the end of it! 



10 Feb 2020, 6:30 (IST)

And it begins! Janelle Monáe and Billy Porter give a hat tip to Hollywood and its incredible talent. 

10 Feb 2020, 6:26 (IST)


The cast and crew of Korean drama 'Parasite' is here! Director Bong Joon-ho poses on the Oscar red carpet with cast members of his film. 

10 Feb 2020, 6:09 (IST)

The event's luxury and glamour will contrast with the grief enveloping Los Angeles over the recent deaths of Golden Age film legend Kirk Douglas and Oscar-winning basketball star Kobe Bryant. Both of these legends will be honoured at the ceremony which begins in a short while. 

10 Feb 2020, 6:08 (IST)

The biggest night of Hollywood is here! Who will win the big prize of the night? Will 'Parasite' create history or will '1917' take home the best picture award? We will find out in a few hours.