Vikas Khanna

Vikas Khanna


Vikas Khanna is a journalist and columnist. Currently, he is a guest faculty at Indian Institute of Mass Communication.


Maharashtra government formation: The changing equations between BJP and Shiv Sena

The two parties have been sharing love-hate relationship since they entered into an alliance first in 1989 for the Lok Sabha as well as Maharashtra state elections

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Why Exit Polls in India often go wrong?

When the ludicrous exit polls are beamed, it has a cascading effect.

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Why Pakistan’s heart bleeds for Hafiz Saeed?

Hafiz Saeed is an important asset for Pakistani establishment which uses his influence to carry out terror activities in Kashmir and elsewhere.

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Congress's woes: Present tense and future uncertain

Congress party seems to be inflicted with conspicuous confusion with very little clarity on the direction it wants to move.

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China blocking UN ban on Masood Azhar proves it can’t be a trusted ally in global war against terrorism

What is China’s compulsion in protecting Azhar, who is, no doubt, a prized asset for Pakistan?

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Balakot operation: India serves it right and tight to Pakistan

A loud and clear message has been delivered to Pakistan that India will not hesitate in going inside the Pakistani territory to hunt out terrorists and their camps.  

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Opinion: Afghanistan wants peace with Taliban but will it come?

President Ghani is desperate to start negotiations with the Taliban by offering to recognise the Taliban as a legitimate political group, proposing a… Read Article

Opinion: Will KP Oli be able to humour both India and China?

Given the historic and cultural ties, Nepal will need to be pragmatic to balance both India and China. Read Article

Opinion: Is the honeymoon between Pakistan and the US coming to an end?

It remains to be seen whether the Trump tweet will bully Pakistan into changing its policy and withdraw support to the militant groups. Otherwise,… Read Article

Opinion: US blocks aid but Pakistan still backs Hafiz Saeed. Why?

Either Pakistan is impotent and afraid of the might of Saeed or it is a well-thought-out plan of action to get even with its now estranged ally, the… Read Article

Opinion: China drags its feet on fight against terror

China risks global isolation if it does not realises the perils of differentiating between the terrorists Read Article

Opinion: In releasing Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan challenges India and US

Donald Trump should decide whether to continue ties with Pakistan or revoke Pakistan?s non-NATO ally status Read Article