Umaima Rasheed Hussain

Umaima Rasheed Hussain



Saudi King postpones state visit to Maldives over H1N1 outbreak

The Saudi King will reschedule his visit as the influenza outbreak hits the island nation. Meanwhile, residents are also taking precautions Read Article

Maldives spikes swine flu warning level as patient toll nearly doubles in 12 hours

The Maldives health minister told WION that the government was taking 'necessary steps' to arrest the outbreak Read Article

Women's Day: Silent sufferers of domestic violence in the Maldives

Government data in 2007 stated that one in three women aged between 15-49 years have experienced physical or sexual violence at some point Read Article

Maldives: Former president Mohamed Nasheed receives 2017 Geneva Summit Courage Award

Nasheed has been?living in self-exile in the United Kingdom under political asylum for over a year Read Article

Maldives govt ready to welcome self-exiled politicians

President Abdulla Yameen said his administration would not target politicians and arrest them out of the boundaries of the law Read Article

Maldives launches taxi service with women drivers

To improve the public transport system within the city of Male, Maldives has recently introduced a new service called 'Cycle Taxi' Read Article

Maldives: Another case filed against former president Nasheed over detention of current president in 2010

Nasheed is yet to be charged over the detention of current president Gayoom, a parliamentary member during Nasheed's tenure as president Read Article

Beijing surprised by Indian concern over Maldives leasing island to Chinese firm

Some Indian government officials worry about Maldives cheaply leasing to a Chinese company an empty island so near its airport and main city Read Article

Maldives renames its international airport

The airport was renamed as part of the efforts being made by to make the airport a gateway for future development and growth Read Article

Maldives: Ex-president Gayoom calls on govt to lift restraints on media

In a statement, he highlighted journalists and media organisations allegedly being intimidated by the government Read Article

Are India's ancient artefacts in safe hands?

India has been struggling to safeguard its rich heritage. It loses thousands of antiques each year to art thieves Read Article

Maldives: Former defence minister charged with terrorism over arrest of President Yameen in 2010

Ameen?Fisal denied the charge saying?had done nothing illegal during his tenure as a defence minister Read Article

India's fight against leprosy : A lost battle?

India ?is home to more than half of the leprosy patients around the world. Over 127,000 new cases were detected in the country in 2015 Read Article

Pakistan blames India for 'instability' in region, calls for reassessment of SAARC's role

Making a case against India, a Pakistani delegation on a visit to Maldives blamed India of 'fostering unrest' in the South Asian region Read Article

Maldives: Court tells PPM chief Maumoon to hand over party reins to President Yameen

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's ouster comes amid deep divide in the country's ruling party due to a growing rift between the Gayoom brothers Read Article