Jacinda Ardern becomes New Zealand's most popular prime minister after COVID-19 response: Poll

The public polls were conducted for the first time since coronavirus hit the country. 

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'Idiot' New Zealand health minister demoted for flouting lockdown

David Clark, the minister in question claims he offered to resign in conversation with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

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Australia to jail people for breaking lockdown rules as COVID-19 fury rages on

During his recent public address, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced new quarantine measures

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Domestic violence cases in Australia shoot up amid coronavirus-induced lockdown, PM announces relief package

Australia, like most countries in the world, has shut down non-essential services to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Australia restricts travel over virus fears to protect indigenous tribes

The move to protect indigenous populations could pave the way for the vast Northern Territory and other areas to be cut off from the rest of the country. 

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Strawberry sabotage akin to 'terrorism' says Australia PM Morrison

At least 20 pieces of fruit were found to be contaminated with needles or pins last week. Read Article

Australia mass killing: Three toddlers among dead

Police found the remains of the toddlers, as well as those of their mother and grandmother at an unassuming detached family home near the south-… Read Article

Watch: China joins largest Australian military exercise

Ties between Australia and China had hit a low after Canberra passed laws aimed at thwarting Chinese influence

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Video: Major fire breaks out in Melbourne warehouse; no casualties

More than 100 fire-fighters battling the blaze

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Scott Morrison sworn-in as Australian prime minister

In an unprecedented turnaround, Morrison won the party ballot 45-40

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PM Turnbull loses leadership battle, Scott Morrison to be Australia's next PM

Morrison will replace current PM Turnbull after a Liberal party coup led to the prime minister's downfall.

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Australian PM Turnbull loses party support; new leader to elected soon

Turnbull has said he will not stand in the contest

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Australia set to get new PM as Turnbull decides not to fight back

Turnbull survived one attempt to knife him on Tuesday, winning a party room vote 48-35

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Australian PM's faces new leadership challenge

The ministers, who supported Turnbull in a leadership ballot on Tuesday against former home affairs minister Peter Dutton, said they had changed… Read Article

New Zealand's 'cyclist mom' politician has baby boy

PM Ardern, who returned from six weeks' maternity congratulated her colleague.

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