Yearender 2019: 'Joker' to 'Avenger: Endgame', the year of biggest blockbusters

 | Updated: Jan 01, 2020, 07:20 PM IST

Assembling the best movies of 2019 inspired us to acknowledge projects that best accomplished what they wanted to show giving viewers wholesome entertainment. From 'Avenger' series to 'The Lion King', 2019 has been amazing in terms of entertainment.

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Starting the list from 'Joker', the craziest comic smash in movie history this year. The movie was directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix who reimagined the clown prince of crime. 'Joker' repositions the torture and twitchy character as an archangel, despite the bleak nature of the material the viewers turned out as droves, making it the sixth highest-grossing film of the year.

With a production budget of just $ 55 million , the film went up to earn up to $1.06 billion at the box office making it one of the most enviable profit margin in history.


Captain Marvel

After the tremendous success of DC's 'Wonder Women' in 2017, all eyes were set on Marvel's first female-led superhero film 'Captain Marvel'. The 21st film in Marvel Cinematic Universe wowed audience worldwide and broke glass ceilings. The film became the largest ever global box office debut for a female-fronted film by edging out 'Beauty and the Beast' $357 million debut in 2017, and the $223 million grossed by DC’s 'Wonder Woman' the same year.

This Brie Larson starrer went on to weave magic at the box office and became the fourth highest grosser of 2019, bringing in $1.12 billion worldwide.


Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4, Pixar's fourth outing with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends earned a second Oscar for the franchise. They won an Oscar for 'Best animated feature film'. 


Avengers: Endgame

‘They came, they saw, and they ruled’. As the Avengers assembled to defeat the mad titan Thanos, fans couldn't keep calm thronging to theatres in large numbers to see their favourite superheroes in action, one last time.  The movie was released worldwide on April 26th and broke numerous box office records, earning $2.189 billion worldwide by the end of its second week.

'Avengers: Endgame' become the second-highest-grossing film of all time. But the mightiest superheroes didn’t stop here. They went to dethrone 'Avatar's' 10-year reign as the biggest movie in history. Made at a production budget of $356 million, this marvel juggernaut has earned around $2.79 billion. Now that's a fitting finale.


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Releasing on: December 26

Another superhero movie to come out this year is 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'. The third film in Tom Holland-led Spider-Man movie series will be all about the multiverse, and may open doors for ‘X-Men and Fantastic Four’.


The Lion King

Disney's reboot of 1994, the animated classic had moviegoers excited from the word go. Adults and children alike flocked to theatres to relive the nostalgic Simba story one more time. The live-action remake was true to the plot and music that made the original so memorable, making it a smash hit amongst all ages.

Another feather in its cap- 'The Lion King' became the fastest animated film to gross $1 billion, doing so in just 21 days. Made at a production budget of $260 million, the film went on to make $1.6 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing animated film of all time.