With fibre-glass sheets and circles, how Indian Parliament prepared for monsoon session

With precautionary measures and social distancing norms, the Monsoon Session of the Indian Parliament began on Monday. Ahead of the beginning of the session, various measures were adopted to contain the spread of novel coronavirus in the Parliament. 

Let's take a look. 

Patrolling with face shields

During the preparations for the beginning of the 18-day session, security personnel wore face shields and masks as they were seen guarding the Parliament House, in New Delhi on Sunday. 


Circles marked

As was done by various shops and stores, circles are marked outside the Parliament House near the entrance so that Parliamentarians maintain social distancing. 


Canteen employees take precautions

Parliament House is famous for its canteen and as its workers were preparing tea to serve on Sunday, they were seen donning face shields and masks. 


Asaduddin Owaisi uses a sanitiser

Hyderabad Member of Parliament (MP) Asaduddin Owaisi sanitised his hands before attending a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC), at Parliament House Annexe on Sunday. 


Fibre-glass-sheet to the rescue

The seating is done in a way that between two individuals, there is appropriate distance and a fibre-glass-sheet has been installed to separate MPs from each other. In this photo, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and MPs pay tribute to ex-President Pranab Mukherjee, legendary Indian classical vocalist Pandit Jasraj and others who have lost their lives this year