Will BJP continue to reign in Gujarat?


 | Updated: Oct 27, 2017, 01:34 PM IST
69 per cent of people in Gujarat is satisfied with the current BJP government in the state. By: Saurabh Goenka, Creatives: Ishu Vaid

Two-phased election

Gujarat assembly polls are to be held in two phases for 182 constituencies.

1st phase with 89 seats while the remaining 93 seats in 2nd phase.

BJP reign in Gujarat

BJP has been able to retain power in Gujarat since Oct 1995.

Narendra Modi replaced former CM, Keshubhai Patel of his own party and became CM in 2001.

Majority is satisfied with saffron party

As per the Lokniti-CSDS survey done in August 2017, around 69 per cent of the people in Gujarat is satisfied with the present BJP government where only 13 per cent are dissatisfied.

Modi vs Rahul

While Rahul Gandhi is trying very hard in Gujarat, he is not even close to the stature Narendra Modi has till date.

As per the Lokniti-CSDS survey conducted in August 2017, 82 per cent people liked Narendra Modi while only 14 per cent responded negatively.

Caste politics in Gujarat

The upper caste and Patels have been very strong supporters of BJP in Gujarat.

While Congress has been banking on the Dalits, Muslims and Tribal to attain maximum seats in Gujarat elections.

Focus on young voters

The age group between 18 to 49 years remain the prime focus of political parties in Gujarat. As 73 per cent of the voters come from this age group.

Women in charge

182 Polling Stations will be managed by women during Gujarat polls.

Also, there is a limit on election expenditure, a candidate is allowed to spend a maximum of Rs. 28 lakhs on the election this year.