Wildlife Photographer 2021: Here are the stunning entries of the competition

Approximately 50,000 submissions from 95 countries were selected by industry experts in the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2021 competition organised by the Natural History Museum in London.

Let's take a look at the captivating images:

Iberian lynx

This picture of an Iberian lynx in the doorway of an abandoned hayloft in the Sierra Morena was captured by Spanish photographer Sergio Marijuán.

(Image courtesy: Sergio Marijuán/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


Mangrove swamps

Indian photographer Rakesh Pulapa captured this image showing mangrove swamps that provide a buffer between Kakinada city and the sea in Andhra Pradesh, India.

(Image courtesy: Rakesh Pulapa/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


Slick of dead and dying herrings

This image of slick of dead and dying herrings captured by Norwegian photographer Audun Rikardsen was used as evidence in a court case against the owner of a fishing boat.

(Image credit: Audun Rikardsen/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


Fox searching for salmon

This image shows a fox searching for salmon carcasses in Alaska. It was captured by US photographer Jonny Armstrong.

(Image courtesy: Jonny Armstrong/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


Narwhal shrimp

This image shows thousands of narwhal shrimp in deep water in the French Mediterranean. It was captured by French photographer Laurent Ballesta.

(Image courtesy: Laurent Ballesta/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


Toxic waste

Romanian photographer Gheorghe Popa took this shot of a small river in the Apuseni Mountains which has taken on these vivid colors due to toxic waste from a nearby mine.

(Image courtesy: Gheorghe Popa/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


Apollo butterfly

French photographer Emelin Dupieux captured an Apollo butterfly landing on an oxeye daisy in the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park, eastern France.

(Image courtesy: Emelin Dupieux/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)


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