'Where are they': Mexican women protest on Mother's Day for their missing children

This year Mother's Day in Mexico was marked with protests as thousands of women took to the streets asking authorities to find their children.

Let's take a look.


Violence and impunity

The drug, gang violence has plagued Mexico for years and has led to several thousand people gone missing. 


Where are they?

"There's nothing to celebrate. Where are our children?" Yolanda Moran, who attended the march in Mexico City in her wheelchair, was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.

"We mothers have come to remind the authorities that they need to look for them." 


'We don't live. We survive'

Moran, who carried a white rose in her hand, said that Mexico's mothers are exhausted as they are left with an endless wait of their missing children. 

"We do not live. We survive. Every year we are older, more tired, sicker," she said.


More than 80,000 missing since 2006

Over 80,000 people have disappeared in Mexico since the government ordered the military to bring down powerful drug cartels in 2006, as per official figures.

About 300,000 others have been killed in the same period, authorities say, adding that most of the murders are related to gang violence.



Marisa Trejo, who also participated in the march, accused Mexican authorities of "indifference". 

She said President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador "made many campaign promises of support and has never really followed up on them".  


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