When a crocodile was found under a cot in Gujarat village

A family in Gujarat was stunned to find a large crocodile in their house which entered the residence during midnight.

Wild animals encroaching residential areas

Several regions in Gujarat have lately witnessed a rise in encroachment by animals in residential areas.


Midnight encroachment

In a recent instance, a wild crocodile entered a house during midnight in Gujarat's Vidyanagar.


Crocodile in house

A family residing in Malataj village, Sojitra Taluka encountered a heavy crocodile in their house.


Crocodile underneath a cot in the house

The family was sleeping at night when the reptile entered their house, located 200 meters away from the village pond.

The family members were in deep sleep and were woken up due to a dog's bark.

They were later stunned to find a crocodile crawling underneath a cot in the house.


Forest department dropped the reptile in pond

They later informed the Forest department who came to their rescue and took the crocodile along. The crocodile was later dropped in a pond.