Watch these films/shows before they leave Netflix this month: 'Sex and the City' to 'Inception'

 | Updated: Mar 05, 2021, 06:26 PM IST

This March, from Academy winner 'Inception' to Martin Scorcese classic movie 'Taxi Driver', here is the list of movies and shows which are saying goodbye to the streamer. 

Hunter X Hunter, Netflix in March, shows leaving Netflix in March

A Japanese manga series is leaving Netflix on March 7. The animated series follows the story of a Gon Freecss, who aspires to become a Hunter, an exceptional being capable of greatness. With his friends and his potential, he seeks his father who left him when he was younger. The series is one of Shueisha's best-selling manga series. 


Sex and the City

'Sex and the City' movies are leaving Netflix at the end of March, so you have only a few more weeks to watch. The revival of the show is in the works at HBO Max, with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda all slated to return but without Samantha. 



Christopher Nolan Academy award winner 'Inception' is leaving Netflix on March 31. In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets. 


Spring Breakers

The crime film 'Spring Breakers' is also waving goodbye to the streamer on March 13. The movie follows the story of four college-aged girls on their spring break in Florida where they meet an eccentric local drug dealer (Franco) who helps them in a time of desperation, and their eventual descent into a world of drugs, crime, and violence.


Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese classic psychological thriller drama 'Taxi Driver' starring Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster in the lead, is leaving Netflix. Set in a decaying and morally bankrupt New York City following the Vietnam war, follows the story of Travis Bickle, a taxi driver and veteran, and his mental state as he works nights in the city.


Ghost Rider

The superhero film 'Ghost Rider' is also saying goodbye to Netflix.  Mark Steven Johnson directorial follows the story of a motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze, who sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Emma Watson coming-of-age drama 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' is on the leaving list too. The movie follows the story of Charlie, the fifteen-year-old narrator of the movie, who has just entered his freshman year of high school when the book begins. Charlie is the eponymous 'wallflower'. 


Apollo 18

The 2011 science fiction film 'Apollo 18' follows the story of decades-old found footage from NASA's abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where three American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason the U.S. has never returned to the moon. The movie is leaving Netflix on March 8.