Washington prepares for Biden's inauguration with final dress rehearsals

A few hours before the President-elect Joe Biden takes oath to lead the US, Washington decked up with colours and arms to prepare for the presidential inauguration ceremony

Parading with pride

A military color guard practices outside the US Capitol, during a dress rehearsal of the inauguration ceremony. 


Final touches

Preparations being made in Washington prior to the dress rehearsal and the final ceremony. Chairs are being laid out with social distancing in mind.



Stand-ins of the future POTUS and FLOTU — Joe Biden and Jill Biden — stand at the stairs showcasing the process of oath taking.


Filling in

A stand-in for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris takes the oath during inauguration ceremony rehearsals.


Field of flags

Thousands of flags creating a "field of flags" are seen on the National Mall ahead of the ceremony in honour of Americans who can't attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, due to COVID.



Prepared for worst

White House Marine sentries rehearse the arrival of President-elect Joe Biden next to a window smashed by insurgents during their incursion into the US Capitol



Volunteers have placed the US flags around the whole seating area, a day before the ceremony begins.


Howard marches

The Howard University marching band participates in a rehearsal of the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.


Guarding lives

Thousands of National Guards have been deployed in the city, especially near the Capitol, to make sure no disruptions are caused during the inauguration ceremony.


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