Why should couples have all the fun? Ways singles can also celebrate Valentine's Day

 Here are few ways singles on Valentine's Day can get out the angst of singlehood and celebrate the day of love.

'Quit Bugging Me'

A zoo in Texas is offering singles the chance to name a cockroach after their ex and see it fed to a meerkat live on camera on Valentine's Day.

In a campaign dubbed "Quit Bugging Me!!!" the El Paso Zoo says the roach is a perfect Valentine's gift for those needing closure on a past relationship that didn't make the grade.


'End loneliness'

Britons have penned thousands of uplifting messages to be delivered to single senior citizens on Valentine's Day in a project aimed at alleviating loneliness.

The letters and cards were written in recent weeks and left in ten models of old-fashioned red post-boxes set up in locations across London and several other cities.

Red Letter Days, a gift experience company which came up with the idea, will dispatch the messages to needy elderly recipients in selected care homes during Thursday.


Galentine's Day: Defiant response to Valentine's Day

Galentine's Day is the American phenomenon feted on February 13th —  a 'holiday' gaining in popularity with each passing year, and also gaining in terms of its message of female empowerment.

It was born in 2010 during an episode of the American sitcom "Parks & Recreation."

Galentine's Day was conceived as a defiant response to Valentine's Day — a statement that traditional romantic love is not the only kind worth honouring.



Flush your past and get free shots

Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar in Delhi, India is going to give out free shots to anyone who will burn their ex's photograph and then flush it. 


Alternate Valentine's Day events

Some anti valentine parties are being organised in Houston for the people who are single.

Anti-Valentine’s Day party at Houston, Texas is one among them where people get a $16 steak and celebrate with other singles.