US Election 2020: Trump supporters organised motorcade rally in Oregon

Hundreds of supporters of Donald Trump took to the streets of Oregon on Monday, and clashed with 'Black Lives Matter' protestors

Flagged motorcade

Trump supporters organised a motorcade with flags reading "Trump 2020" and "Vote for Trump" attached to the numerous cars, trumps and vans.


Hiding identitites

The supporters covered their vehicles' license plate numbers with the help of blue and/or black tape to avoid identitfication from the police.


Unmasked protestors

Majority of the protestors were seen without face masks.

The rally had various speakers who addressed the gathering talking about why America needs Donald Trump to help the country come out of deep economic crisis.


Armed and ready

The protestors were seen armed with paintball guns, pepper sprays and other such weapons to fight against the Trump critics.


Violent interactions

There were several clashes between the Pro-Trump supporters and the 'Black Lives Matter' protestors. Trump supporters were also spotted beating up the Trump critics.


Proud Boys

Around 150 to 200 people, led by members of the far-right Proud Boys militia, which advocates white supremacy, decided to follow the road to Oregon's capital, Salem, for a show of force on the steps of the state capitol building.


Several supporters detained

The local police was seen detaining several Trump supporters for use of weapons and were spotted getting involved in violent clashes with Trump critics.


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