Uprooting state-sponsored terrorism: Experts at WION Global Summit

"You can't keep giving your cheek and get slapped," said General Bikram Singh, referring to India's policy with Pakistan.

Uprooting state-sponsored terrorism

Former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal and South Asia expert from the Wilson Centre Micheal Kugelman and Pakistan's ex-ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani along with prominent personalities got together for a panel discussion on "Uprooting state-sponsored terrorism: An imperative for peace in South Asia"


Think tank take centre-stage

All prominent personalities echoed together to end the state-sponsored terrorist activities that destroy the idea of development.

The leaders also agreed that water shortages, climate change and other small factors also play a key role in bringing peace in South Asia. 


General Bikram Singh on Pakistan

Highlighting how important it is to uproot state-sponsored terrorism, General Bikram Singh said, "we've been adopting idealistic agenda for too long. You can't keep giving your cheek and get slapped," referring to India's policy with Pakistan. 

Let's not allow epicentre of terrorism to raise problems. We got to take Pakistan to task," the former Indian Army chief added. 


G. Parthasarathy on peace in South Asia

G. Parthasarathy, India's former High Commissioner to Pakistan, slammed Pakistan for its terror-related activities, saying 'every country has an army but in Pakistan, an army has a country'.

Talking about the need to end state-sponsored terrorism, Parthasarathy said 'today Bangladesh has a far better growth rate than Pak because they focus on development.'


Kanwal Sibal on Pak's increasing terror activities

Kanwal Sibal, India's former foreign secretary said that since 1990 Pakistan's rate of terrorism growth has risen.

"We should be the soft nation but we should slap hard too when required," Sibal said.


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