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Timeline: China's military drones make it a mobile warfare specialist

China has now successfully amalgamated its drones in all the three wings of the military - Army, Navy and Air Force with the Rocket Force playing its role to give the communist country an edge in mobile warfare.  

China showcases Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles at National Day Parade

On October 1, China celebrated its National Day amid great fanfare at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The highlight of the day was China's military drones which created worldwide buzz.

China has now seamlessly integrated its drones in all three wings of the military - Army, Navy and Air Force with the Rocket Force playing its role to give the communist country an edge in mobile warfare.



Reports emerged in July in the Taiwanese press which said China's "Soaring Dragon" UAV( (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) had carried out surveillance mission on a US Navy ship USS Antietam as it sailed along the Taiwan Straits.

The "Soaring Dragon" was first displayed as model at the Zhuhai Air Show in 2006. In 2016, UAV reportedly went into production.

The "EA-03 Soaring Dragon" reportedly has a combat range of 2,000 kms with turbojet engine propulsion which is mainly used for reconnaissance but the People's Liberation Army(PLA) intends to use it in combat support later.



The BZK-005 was first spotted in 2015 in East China Sea.

China confirmed it was using the BZK-005 in April this year for conducting maritime surveillance over the East China Sea. The UAV was reportedly intercepted by Japan after it violated Japanese air space.

The UAV is a naval drone, also known as the Sea Eagle which was developed in early 2000 for maritime surveillance.



In the same year, China for the first time flew the WZ-8 hypersonic drone. It put on public display during the National Day celebrations this year.

The latest version is the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft



At the Zhuhai air show, China displayed the Wing Loong(Gongji GJ-1) unmanned UAV to be used by its Air Force.

Apart from reconnaissance, it is being used for precision-guided missile delivery.

At the National Day, the Communist state unleashed the Gongji-11 (GJ-11) with state of the air stealth features.



China's ASN technology group developed the Medium Altitude Medium Endurance (MAME) tactical mission drone -  ASN-209.

In 2009, China had signed an agreement with Egypt to build ASN-209 drones for Egpyt. The drones reportedly were operational in 2012.

China uses the drone under the "Silver Eagle" series. The drone is not used for kill activity, its primary aim is to track targets and relay communications.



China's Rocket Force successfully tested the JWP-02, a tactical intelligence and reconnaissance UAV which was showcased in the country's National Day. It was finally delivered to China's artillery force in 2013.

 The JWP-02 is tasked with intelligence gathering reconnaissance.