Thousands protest against Netanyahu ahead of election in Israel

Thousands of Israelis demonstrated outside the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, calling for an end to his leadership just three days before the country's fourth election in two years.

A complete movement

Protesters hold Israeli flags during an anti-government demonstration in Jerusalem on Saturday, ahead of the election taking place on March 23. 


Raising voice

Protesters filed through streets closed to traffic by police, waving flags, banging drums, blowing horns and shouting chants to replace the 71-year-old conservative. 



In large numbers

The crowd was larger than many previous anti-Netanyahu protests over the past year, with Israeli media reporting it numbered about 20,000. 



On fire

Protesters gather around a bonfire to mount pressure on Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption and accused by critics of mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic. 


For Israel

Protesters unite for an anti-government demonstration, which looks to replace Netanyahu, who faces charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, all of which he denies. 


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