The Undertaker retires: A look back at the evolution of 'Deadman'

Written By: Subhayan Chakraborty | Updated: Nov 23, 2020, 02:51 PM(IST)

"There's nothing left for me to conquer or accomplish. The game has changed. It's time for new guys to come up. The time just seems right,” said an emotional Mark Callaway or The Undertaker as the legendary WWE Superstar announced his retirement during the final episode of his documentary ‘The Last Ride’. 

The Undertaker made his debut debuted at the 1990 Survivor Series PPV (Photo: WWE)

The Undertaker debuted at the 1990 Survivor Series PPV as the mystery man for Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar team and straight out caught everyone's attention before eliminating Dusty Rhodes, he proved he was there to invoke misery in everyone and could care less about the titles and such.


The Undertaker created a phenomenal partnership with the late Paul Bearer

The Undertaker's partnership with Paul Bearer is still hailed as one of the best thing to have happened to WWF/WWE. The duo created an aura around the character and made storylines compelling with their delivery. The camaraderie and respect between the two is known to the world. 


The Undertaker - evolved with time (Photo: WWE)

The writing of story lines back then was epic and Mark Callaway made sure he made The Undertaker an ever evolving character. The anticipation surrounding The Undertaker's entry never died till his last match and all the credit goes to the man himself for giving his cent per cent everytime. The attention to detail was splendid. 


The Undertaker - a flying phenom (Photo: WWE)

Despite with a built of nearly seven feet and weighing over 320 pounds, The Undertaker never shied away from flying high and producing moments of magic. His athleticism was lauded by all. 


The Undertaker - Synonymous to breathtaking moments (Photo: WWE)

The Undertaker's match with Mick Foley is still hailed as one of the greatest WWE matches of all time. Even though Mick Foley was never the same, physically, after this showdown with the Taker, the Deadman became massive in the world of pro-wrestling entertainment. 


The Undertaker and the Streak! (Photo: WWE)

The Undertaker has the best Wrestlemania streak ever and one of the greatest winning runs in an event in history of sports. 21-0 will remain as the greatest undefeated run in the history of WWE. It was broken by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30.


Thank you Undertaker (Photo: WWE)

Thank you Undertaker. 


The Undertaker gets perfect Final Farewell at Survivor Series (Photo: WWE)

The Undertaker got a fitting farewell in the WWE Survivor Series as he brought the curtains down on a massively decorated 30-year career. The Undertaker, who also made his debut at WWE Survivor Series in the year 1990, walked out to the ring, in his gracious yet spine-shivering slow walk for the “Final Farewell”.


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