The last few nations that recognise Taiwan's sovereignty

Nicaragua is the latest nation to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan to align itself with China. In total, only 14 nations recognise Taiwan over the People's Republic of China. Let's look at some of the nations that recognise the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) today:


Guatemala, one of the few Taiwan allies in Central America, recognised Taiwan's sovereignty in 1933. 

Central America and the Caribbean countries like El Salvador, Panama, and the Dominican Republic have switched to China in recent years, defying US policy to support Taiwan, which China views as an enclave.

However, Guatemala's president recently referred to his government as an ally of the US that support Taiwan over China.

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Relations between Honduras and Taiwan date back to 1985.

With leftist Xiomara Castro having won earlier this month's election in Honduras, it might be the next ally to fall.

Castro, who will assume office in late January, has previously said she plans to switch to China. Aides to the incoming Honduran president, however, have announced that she will not establish relations with China, backtracking her earlier statement that she was willing to begin formal relations.

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Holy See/ Vatican City

 A non-diplomatic relationship was established between the Holy See and the Republic of China (today known as Taiwan) in 1922 and a formal diplomatic relationship was established in 1942. As the only European land with such a link to Taiwan, the Vatican is the most important of those few nations which recognize Taiwan.

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Over the past few years, Taiwan and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have built up a close relationship. Recently, the Caribbean country's embassy in Taiwan also celebrated 40 years of diplomatic ties.

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In addition to maintaining strong diplomatic ties with the Republic of China, Tuvalu also supports the ROC's bid to join the United Nations. Meanwhile, the ROC maintains the only embassy in Tuvalu and carries out an extensive medical assistance program on the islands.

Tuvalu opened an embassy in Taipei on 14 March 2013, making the ROC only the third sovereign state to host an embassy of Tuvalu after Fiji and New Zealand.  

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A formal diplomatic relationship between Haiti and the Republic of China (ROC) has existed since 1956. A celebration of 65 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries was held in April 2021.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Diplomatic relations between Taiwan and St. Kitts and Nevis have existed since 1983.

The Caribbean island is one of a few states in the region to have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which China refers to as a renegade province.

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A few more

Other nations that recognise Republic of China are:

-Saint Lucia
-Marshall Islands


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