The finalists of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 will make you laugh

From a rude turtle to a photobombing giraffe, displaying the power of anthropomorphism, the list of this year's finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has been revealed. The winners will be announced at an online awards ceremony on 22 October.

Let's take a look:


Smiley by Arthur Telle Thiemann captures a fish that appears to be smiling. It was snapped off the coast of The Canary Islands, Spain.

(Image courtesy: Arthur Telle Thiemann)



Crashing into the picture

'Crashing into the picture' by Brigitte Alcalay Marcon shows a giraffe forcing its way in to a photo taken in the Etosha National Park, Namibia.



Hi Y'all

'Hi Y'all' by Eric Fisher captures a bear in Alaska standing straight on its hind legs with its left paw raised in the air in what appears to be a friendly wave from afar.

(Image courtesy: Eric Fisher)



Social distance please

Social distance please by Petr Sochman captures rose-ringed parakeets in Kaudulla national park, Sri Lanka. 

(Image courtesy: Petr Sochman)


Tough Negotiations

Tough Negotiations by Ayala Fishaimer shows a fox and a rodent in Israel in which they appear to be engaged in a conversation.



So hot

So hot by Wei Ping Peng shows a snow monkey as it sat hot springs in Japan who looks in pain as he has a grimaced expression on his face.

(Image: Wei Ping Peng)



Having a Laugh

Having a Laugh by Ken Crossan captures a common seal in Caithness, Scotland. The seal looked as though it found something very funny as it was seen with its eyes screwed shut and its mouth wide open lying on a piece of wood just out of the water.

(Image: Ken Crossan)