Sudanese demand civilian government after Bashir's fall

Sudanese president was ousted by the army on Thursday after months of anti-government protests against his three decades of iron-fisted rule.

Civilians reject military takeover

Thousands of demonstrators in Sudan's Khartoum on Friday rejected plans for a transitional military council to run the country temporarily until a civilian government is set up.


President Omar al-Bashir

File photo of Omar al-Bashir.


Military proposed new civilian government

The ruling military council promised the country would have a new civilian government but the proposal was immediately rejected by the main protest group.


Pre-election transition period to last two years

The council said it expects a pre-election transition period to last two years at most or much less if chaos can be avoided.



Protesters voiced opposition to new regime

Outside the defence ministry compound in Khartoum, centre of the protests, large tents were put up as the crowd swelled and demonstrators voiced their opposition to the new regime.



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