Standing tall like a wall: Coronavirus inspires graffiti to spread awareness

Coronavirus has spread throughout the world and it seems to be refusing to die down. With new variants of the Covid-19 originating from different parts of the world, it is essential to take all kinds of precautionary measures to stay safe. This thought has inspired graffitis worldwide. 

The Thermometators

A man walks past a mural depicting US actors John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson holding thermometers instead of guns amid the Covid-19 pandemic, in Tel Aviv.


Honouring real heroes

A health worker wearing a KN-95 mask and a face shield passes in front of a mural painted to honour the work carried out by medical teams against the COVID-19 pandemic at the Ana Francisca Perez de Leon State Hospital in Caracas.


Let smiles be masked

A pedestrian walks past a mural with Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' wearing a mask to spread awareness about Covid-19 coronavirus, in Mumbai. 


The vaccine of hope

Residents look as an artists gives finishing touches to a mural depicting frontline workers carrying a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine in Kolkata. 


Keep up as fight is still on

Men wearing face masks walk next to a mural depicting a woman with a face mask reading 'Insist, persist, resist, never desist' in Bogota, Colombia. 


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