Spain is planning to bring in paid menstrual leave for painful periods and abortion bill

 | Updated: May 19, 2022, 12:42 AM IST

Spain is set to become the first European country to introduce paid leave for women who suffer from painful periods under a draft bill by the minority leftist government that will also reinforce abortion rights.

Here are some of its key points:

Access to abortion

The draft bill, which has been leaked by the Spanish media, allows easier access to abortion in the public health system.

Under the rules, the three-day mandatory reflection period for all women who wish to terminate their pregnancy will be removed. Abd women from age 16 will be able to terminate their pregnancy without parental consent.


Menstrual Health

Women who suffer from especially painful periods will have the right to state-covered paid leave.

Menstrual products such as tampons and menstrual cups will be distributed for free in schools, prisons, women's health care facilities and other public institutions.



The bill will ensure that concepts such as consent are an integral part of sex education in schools.

Public sexual and reproductive centres will be created along with a phone line specialising in sexual health and reproductive rights.



The latestgeneration contraceptive pill will be covered by public health insurance. The law will promote contraceptive options for men also.


Violence against woman

Under the proposed rules, surrogacy, forced sterilisation of women with disabilities and forced pregnancy and abortion will all be recognised as a form of violence against women.


Maternity leave

The bill also includes state-funded pre-maternity leave from week 39.



The Equality Ministry estimates total annual costs will be around 0.011% of Spain's 2021 GDP, with the pre-maternity leave accounting for about half of that spending.