SpaceX 'Inspiration4' mission lifts off, know who's onboard


 | Updated: Sep 16, 2021, 06:09 PM IST

The all-civilian crew is the hallmark of SpaceX "Inspiration4" mission. The rocket lifted off on September 16 from Cape Canaveral in Florida


SpaceX rocket ship lifted off from Florida on September 16 carrying all-civilian crew


All-civilian crew

This is the first all-civilian crew. The lift-off took place just before sunset from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral



The capsule carrying the crew was perched atop company's reusable two-stage Falcon-9 rocket. The Crew Dragon, fitted with a special observation dome in place of its usual docking hatch, reached orbit almost 10 minutes after the 8:03 p.m. EDT blastoff


"Inspiration4" crew

The civilian crew included Jared Isaacman (38) Sian Proctor (51), Hayley Arceneaux (29) and Chris Sembroski (42)


Jared Isaacman

Jared Isaacman is mission commander for this mission. He is CEO of a company that provides payment solutions.


Hayley Arceneaux

Hayley Arceneaux is a cancer survivor. At 29, she will become youngest American to fly in orbit around Earth


Sian Proctor

Sian Proctor is a Geology professor. She is the pilot for this mission.


Chris Sembroski

Chris Sembroski is US Air Force veteran. He has served in Iraq. He will manage onboard cargo and communication with Earth