Russian President Vladimir Putin turns 67

The President of Russia celebrates his 67th birthday today. He is currently hiking in Siberia before he returns home to spend time with his family. He was appointed as the Prime Minister by the erstwhile President Boris Yeltsin. At that time, he had little political experience. Two decades in, he's one of the most prominent world leaders. Here's a look at how the controversial leader is celebrating his birthday.

Always in style

Russian President Putin is celebrating his 67th birthday in the Siberian Taiga before heading back home to be with family.


President of poses

Here, the president can be seen posing in the picturesque Siberian Taiga where he's hiking to celebrate his birthday.


Friends first

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with friend and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu during their leisure time in the hills of Siberia.


Picturesque hike

Putin's location of choice, the Siberian Taiga forests is one of the largest unaltered boreal forest areas in the world. An enormous carbon sink, the taiga lessens the impact of global climate change. 


Lover of nature

Russia's nature-loving president has visited the area several times over the past few years, walking up the mountains, fishing and swimming in the area's rivers and lakes.