Revisiting Pokhran nuclear tests that gave India 'no first use' nuclear policy

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said the future of India's 'no first use' nuclear policy will depend on the circumstances.

The Vajpayee years

The "no first use" policy was enunicated by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee after India successfully conducted nuclear tests in Rajasthan's pokhran in May, 1998.


The Pokhran test

This file photo shows the nuclear test site in Rajasthan's Pokhran after the underground detonation on May 11, 1998.


The devastation

A crater and debris are seen at the test site in Rajasthan's Pokhran after India successfully carried out a nuclear detonation in May, 1998.


What the policy means

India's nuclear doctrine meant the country will not to use its nuclear weapon as a means of warfare unless attacked by an adversary using nuclear weapons.


Time to revisit?

India has so far followed the policy, but Singh's statement is generating a lot of buzz with many experts saying it is time to revisit the policy since it is not in sync with the geo-strategic conditions.