Retired British Airways jet bought for $1 is transformed into 'party plane'. Take a look

Updated: Feb 01, 2022, 11:33 PM(IST)

A retired British Airways plane that once flew passengers, has now been transformed into a 'party plane.' 

The old plane was purchased for only $1.35 by Suzannah Harvey, chief executive of England's Cotswold Airport, back in October 2020. But around $671,000 was spent on the makeover of the plane.

Called BA 747-436 G-CIVB ‘Negus’, the retired plane is now available for hire after a year-long renovation. According to CNN, the hiring cost is about $1,300 an hour.

(Picture: negus747) 'Party plane'

The British Airways Negus ‘party plane’ is currently stationed at the privately-owned Cotswolds Airport. 

The Negus entered the British Airways fleet on February 15 1994, operating 13,398 flights and flying for 118,445 hours – almost 60 million miles.

Its last passenger flight was from Miami to Heathrow in April, 2020.


(Picture: negus747) 'Overhaul'

Most of the original structure has stayed the same but the economy section has been stripped out to create the events space, and the gallery has been changed into a bar.


(Picture: negus747) Work of art

The ceiling panels in the economy section have been removed, along with the central luggage compartments, providing a better view of the inner workings of the aircraft, which first entered the British Airways fleet in February 1994, and took its last passenger flight on April 6, 2020.


(Picture: negus747) Perfect for hosting parties

It’s available to hire now – and can cater for everything, from private birthday parties and product launches to corporate events.


(Picture: negus747) Ready for launch

The makeover has cost nearly $671,000.  Although the work took far longer than expected, partly due to delivery issues as a result of the pandemic, the aircraft turned event space is finally ready to welcome guests. Its official launch will take place later this month.


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