Republic Day Parade 2022: Indian Air Force flexes muscle, touches the sky with glory

Updated: Jan 26, 2022, 01:10 PM(IST)

Indian Air Force's might was on full display as the mighty fighter planes and attack helicopters took part in the fly-past that marked the end of Republic Day parade. This was largest fly-past ever with 75 aircrafts taking part. Celebrations marking formation of the Indian Republic saw it showing its rich culture, as well as might of its armed forces

IAF Might on display

(Image: ANI) Indian Air Force fighter jets took to skies at the end of Republic Day parade. Rafale, Sukhoi, MiG were some of the fighter jets that took part in the fly-past.


Touching the sky with glory

(Image: ANI) 'Touch the sky with glory' is the motto of Indian Air Force. Republic Day fly-past was no exception to this as air-warriors took to the blue skies. Here, Rafale fighter jets can be seen flying in arrowhead formation.


Fighters on the Raj Path

(Image: ANI) The jets can be seen flying over Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of President of India in New Delhi.


Bird's eye with a difference

(Image: ANI) This year's fly-past was the biggest ever. Moreover, special cameras were set up inside the cockpits so that everyone could see fly-past right from the sky!


Massive airpower

(Image: ANI) The cameras in the sky captured Sukhoi and Rafale fighter jets flying together. When these premier fighter jets are seen flying together, any adversary should surely take note as the combined strike would be beyond devastating!


Super Hercules

Like the powerful demi-God Hercules, these planes with the IAF pack a big punch. The carrier aircrafts are vital supply lines as they are capable of literally transporting tonnes of materials to battlefields.


Attack helicopters

(Image: ANI) Attack helicopters from Indian Air Force's arsenal added to the glory of the fly-past. Various types of helicopters including Apache, flew past the Raj Path enthralling those present on ground.


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