Remembering Khushwant Singh: 9 best works of the author

Khushwant Singh (born Khushal Singh, 15 August 1915 – 20 March 2014) was an Indian author, lawyer, diplomat, journalist, and politician. On his death anniversary, a look back at his nine best novels

Khushwant Singh: I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale (1959)

Set in British India, this novel is about a magistrate loyal to Britishers and his nationalist son who believes in using the gun to drive out the Britishers. The son is arrested and the father is given two choices - either the son betrays his comrades or gets hanged.


Khushwant Singh: Train to Pakistan (1953)

This novel is set in the summer of 1947 when India is being partitioned. The truth is brought home when a ghost train arrives in the isolated village, carrying bodies of hundreds of refugees. It is left to a boy and a girl, from different religions, to rise beyond religious hatred of Hindu and Muslims.


Khushwant Singh: Truth Love and little Malice(2002)

This novel is autobiography into his personal life and all those he met during the journey and was controversial yet true to its title. He chronicles in this book some of the seminal historical and political events that have marked the Indian socio-political scene in his lifetime


Khushwant Singh: Why I supported the Emergency(2004)

This book narrates the story of the people who used emergency rule and misused the powers to harasses innocent people.In the book, Singh goes to point out the mistakes which were made and should have been avoided. It required the suspension of democratic norms for the preservation of law and order.


Khushwant Singh: The Good The Bad and the Ridiculous (1950)

This book will appeal not only to admirers of Khushwant Singh's writing but also to anyone interested in the history, politics and socio-economic scenario of twentieth-century India. People profiled in this book include Jawaharlal Nehru, Krishna Menon, Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Amrita Sher Gil, Begum Para, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, M. S. Golwalkar, Mother Teresa, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Dhirendra Brahmachari, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, General Tikka Khan, Phoolan Devi, Giani Zail Singh and Bhagat Puran Singh.


Khushwant Singh: The Sunset (2010)

The book throws light on the loneliness and problems faced by the elderly. The three main characters in this book are Pandit Preetam Sharma, Sardar Boota Singh, and Nawab Barkatullah Baig. The trio has been a part of Sunset Club and friends for more than four decades.


Khushwant Singh: The history of the Sikhs

Written in Khushwant Singh's style to be accessible to a general, the book is based on scholarly archival research. This volume covers the social, religious and political background which led to the formation of the Sikh faith in the fifteenth century.


Khushwant Singh: The End of India

'I thought the nation was coming to an end,' wrote Khushwant Singh; looking back on the violence of Partition. He believed that he had seen the worst that India could be in. Over the last few years; however; he believes that the worst is still to come.


khushwant Singh: Delhi A novel

The book moves backwards and forwards in time through the history of Delhi. It is the story of a journalist fallen on bad times and his relationship with a hijra (eunuch) named Bhagmati. " I return to Delhi as I return to my mistress Bhagmati when I have had my fill of whoring in foreign lands…"said Khushwant Singh in this novel.


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