Prince Philip makes his final journey

Prince Philip was laid to rest in a funeral ceremony attended by Queen Elizabeth the Second and who's who of the royal household on Saturday April 17. Prince Philip passed away on April 9, 2021. The funeral had less number of attendees in compliance with the coronavirus pandemic norm. The man who had by the Queen's side for 73 years in their mariage made his last journey. Royal protocols compelled him to always remain in his wife's shadow but he was a steadfast presence and a support to the Queen.

A nation mourns

A nation mourned as bid farewell to their Prince Philip as he made his last journey on the day he was laid to rest. Flag at half-mast at Buckingham Palace can be seen in the picture above.


The last journey

Prince Philip was laid to rest in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, west of London. His coffin was carried in the military vehicle which he himself had designed.


Royals march on foot

The royals marched on foot as a sign of respect for the departed. Seen here are Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and others.


Brothers unite

It was a grim fate as Prince William and Prince Harry had to meet each other at a funeral. The two brothers had recently maintained that they were on 'different paths'. The family came together nonetheless.


St George's Chapel

Prince Philip was interred in the Royal Vault of St George's Chapel. The image captures the solemn moment when his coffin was carried inside the chapel


Prayerful time

A prayer service was held for Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeth can be seen seated in the front row on the left.


A hard moment for the Queen

Prince Philip was a strong support to Queen Elizabeth, herself a commanding presence. He called her 'Bet', a short for 'Lilibet', as the Queen used to call herself when she was very very young. At that age she was unable to pronounce 'Elizabeth'. 


A distinguished naval officer

Prince Philip, a somewhat 'outsider' to the royal family, was a distinguished naval officer before his marriage. He was an ambitious man who had set his eyes on progress within the naval ranks.


A change in era?

Though it was obviously not under active consideration at the time of the funeral, discussion about next generation of royal with respect to succession is likely to start. In focus would be Prince Charles. He is seen with his wife Camilla in the image above


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