Postponements and resumption: A turbulent year of 2020 for sports world

Written By: Amartya Sharma | Updated: Dec 02, 2020, 07:55 PM(IST)

Yearender 2020: Sporting events this year witnessed months long pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. From tennis seasons to football leagues, all sporting events across the world came to screeching halt. Let's take a look at how the sporting fraternity cope with coronavirus pandemic and bounce back: 

Usual start to 2020

The year was off to a usual start with Australian Open, followed by crowded football leagues and cricket matches going on as usual. 


Overjoyed football fans

Football leagues hosted scores of fans during the matches.  


Miami joins F1 calendar in 2022 in push for US fan share

Formula One season was set to begin. However, the virus broke out in Wuhan. 


Coronavirus strikes and lockdown imposed

Coronavirus brought the whole world to a stand still. Lockdowns were imposed across countries to prevent spread of the disease. Many sporting events were halted midway due to the lockdown. 


Leagues come to halt

In March, most of the sporting leagues came to halt. European football leagues incurred heavy losses due to lockdown. 


Players on social media:

During the lockdown, several athletes from different sports took to social media to show their lockdown routines. While spent time with their families, others trained hard to stay in form. 


Wimbledon 2021



Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics, scheduled to be held in March 2020, was postponed to 2021 due to outbreak of virus in Japan. The government and organisers suffered huge losses due to it.


Euro 2021 postponed

UEFA decided to postpone Euro League to 2021. 


T20 World Cup 2021

T20 World Cup 2021


Many Grand Prixs cancelled

Formula One season were off to a bad start. Many Grand Prix races were cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic. However, the season bounced back months later and revised their schedule with remaining races to avoid forfeiting the season.  

(Photograph:Zee News Network)


After months of lockdown, sporting world decided to conduct events. However, the governing bodies had to plan adequate measures amid pandemic to avoid spread.  


No fans allowed!

It was immediately decided that fans will not be present in the stadiums during the events. Football leagues, Indian Premier League, Formula One Grand Prix, and Tennis Grand Slams were held behind closed doors to avoid spread of coronavirus. 


Revised schedule!

All the sports had to change their schedule in order to avoid forfeiting its season. Football leagues had to conclude the 2019/20, due to which the revised schedule was cramped up. Tennis season witnessed some protests as new dates of French Open were to close to US Open. Due to this schedule, many steps were taken in order to avoid injuries like 5 substitution in football.  


Revised schedule: a success!

Revised schedule was successful as most the leagues in various sports managed to complete seasons. However, few were cancelled due to outbreak of virus in that region. UEFA Champions League, US Open, French Open, Formula One, etc. had a season despite virus. 


Fans coming back in the stadium

Events like French Open and the on-going India's Tour in Australia has witnessed the return of fans. However, the capacity is limited to 50 per cent as of now. The percentage will improve with better conditions and in time. 


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