Post-pandemic Europe: Countries you can visit this summer

Ever since the pandemic hit last year, we've all been through a lot. However, things have turned around in Europe with rapid vaccination, here's a list of some European countries that are opening their gates to tourists.


Having already opened it's beaches to residents, Greece is all set to open door for tourists from May 14th. The country will be open to travellers who are vaccinated, have antibodies, or have tested negative for the virus. 


United Kingdom

Tourists can enter the UK depending on where they’re coming from! 

UK recently released a Green list of countries from which tourists will be allowed.

There is also an Amber list which consists of countries that need to be watched and a Red list from which any and all travellers are currently banned.

All travellers will face testing requirements.



With 90 million visitors it was the world's top tourist destination before the pandemic hit last year.

The French government recently launched a multi-million-euro campaign to woo tourists. 

Restrictions in France are gradually being lifted with the country's famous cafe terraces set to reopen on May 19 along with shops, museums and theatres.

Indoor spaces in restaurants and cafes will follow by reopening on June 9 with an expected near total return to normal by the end of the month.



With cruises resuming in Italian ports, and bars, restaurants allowed to serve people outside again, Italy has already eased some restrictions.

The country plans to introduce its own COVID pass later this month ahead of the EU which will allow travel to every region of the country.

This certificate will be given to people with proof of vaccination or those who previously had COVID-19, and/or tested negative for the coronavirus. 

According to Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia, this document will be available to people outside the EU.



World's second top tourist destination after France in 2019, tourism represents 14.1 per cent of Spain's economic activity.

Since June last year, Madrid has been a relative refuge for European tourists as bars, museums, restaurants and theatres have been left open.

Visitors only need to produce a negative virus test over the previous 72 hours.



The Mediterranean country of Cyprus is open to vaccinated travellers from May 10 onwards. 

The country is open to 65 countries, including the US and UK.

Travellers with proof of vaccination can enter without needing to be tested for COVID-19.



Malta plans to fully reopen for tourism from June 1 onwards. 

Earlier this month, Malta's tourism authorities had said that the country will pay tourists upto 200 Euros if they stay at least three days this summer.


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