Pics | Brits angrily contrast own lives during Covid lockdown when PM Johnson partied

There is palpable anger in the UK after the revelation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's 2020 party at 10 Downing Street right when Covid lockdown rules for the people were at their harshest. The party was organised on the lavish gardens of the prime ministerial residence. 100 people were invited. Brits took to social media to express their anger and posted their own photos during lockdown of 2020....a far cry from any party asking revellers to 'bring your own booze'


(Image: @xemma84x) Physical contact and even proximity were discouraged. And people were forced to hug their grandchildren through plastic sheets


Visiting parents through windows

(Image: @4020pix) 'My May 2020. How was yours? Checking on my mom and disabled dad through window,' tweets a user.


Swimming party broken up

(@SNSGroup) Anther user posted a pic of how officers were strict in enforcing lockdown rules and broke up gatherings. This was in stark contrast to party at the PM residence.


Officers on patrol

(@avocadamn) People expressed anger over how officers were out and about ensuring people did not gather outdoors but PM Boris Johnson himself was flouting rules by organising huge party.


'And they partied?'

(Image: @sammypops) A doctor described her ordeal when she had to wear PPE all day long, neglected their own needs to save live and yet were forced to see people die. All this while PM and his staff partied. 


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