Pics | A peek inside the mansion that'll make you Sylvester Stallone's neighbour

 | Updated: Jan 08, 2021, 07:07 PM IST

The mansion is grand and it'll spoil you for sure. But it'll give you a posh Beverly Hill address and neighbours like Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington and more. Take a look at Villa Firenze, the mansion slated to be the most expensive Beverly Hills property till date.

Lush greenery

A mansion needs to strike a fine balance between opulent living and nature connect. Villa Firenze ticks all those boxes (Image Credit: Concierge Auctions)


Green's the way to go

What is the point of owning a huge home if it doesn't have a well-maintained lawn? (Image courtesy: Concierge Auctions)


Poolside party? Check!

The mansion has a swimming pool (Duh!)


Exquisite interiors

The interiors of the mansion will soothe you with their beige-brown colour scheme (Image credit: Concierge Auctions)


A cosy fireside meetup

The mansion has large number of rooms to accommodate guests coming for your huge party, just like this one where you can organise a cosy fireside meetup for your friends who prefer a quieter catch-up. (Image credit: Concierge Auctions)


A family dinner

Family that eats together stays together, and which family wouldn't like to dine in this room? (Image credit: Concierge Auctions)


Stairway to heaven?

The mansion has a sprawling 9-acre presence. It has 25 bathrooms and large number of living rooms. And beautiful staircases such as these will take you there. (Image courtesy: Concierge Auctions)


Look at those arches!

Many of us can spend hours marvelling at these beautiful arches and passages! (Image courtesy: Concierge Auctions)


Sweet dreams

And when all is done, you've had a full day, you can retire to beautiful bedrooms such as this. Mansion such as this commands a great price to start with. In addition to that, Villa Firenze is located in the posh Beverly Hills. The asking price is USD 160 million! But if anyone has this amount, he will surely live life kingsize! (Image credit: Concierge Auctions)