One of largest mud-brick towers in Yemen faces risk of collapse

The ancient city of Shibam in Yemen, which is recognised as the "Manhattan of the desert" for its skyscrapers that are centuries old, is facing the risk of collapse due to disrepair amid floods and rains. 

And one such monument is Seiyun Palace, one of the world's largest mud-brick towers. These pictures tell a story.

UNESCO-listed World Heritage site

The ancient city is one of the world heritage sites of the UNESCO and is build above the river valley of Wadi Hadramawt, in the arid centre of the war-torn nation. 

This picture shows an aerial view of Seiyun Palace.


Survived war but risk is of ignorance 

The city that is famous for its sun-dried mud-brick towers, some of which are seven stories high and have survived the years of civil war that has torn apart the country. 

However, the restoration work has been slow, which makes the city looks like a disaster. 


Widened cracks 

This picture of Seiyun Palace shows the wide cracks, displaying the extent of damage it has seen.


Victim of conflict

The fighting in Yemen between Iran-backed Huthi rebels and government forces supported by Saudi Arabia and its allies has stalled the restoration work in this city. 


One of the oldest and best examples of urban planning: UN

While describing the city, the UN once called it "one of the oldest and best examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction."


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