On World Cartoonists Day, let's take a look at some renowned artistes and their creations

Source:WION Web Team

 | Updated: May 05, 2022, 10:35 AM IST

Every year on May 5, the world celebrates National Cartoonist Day. 

During the 1990s, the National Cartoonist Society declared May 5 the Cartoonist Day to celebrate every cartoonist in the industry. The day is meant to promote the impact they have in society, the importance of cartoons in society, and to encourage artistry and reading.

Today, many cartoons are recognised not only in the printed media of the comics section but on television as well.

So, on World Cartoonists Day, let's take a look at some renowned cartoonists who made their mark across the world.

Calvin and Hobbes (1985 - 1995)

Calvin and Hobbes is regarded as 'the last great newspaper comic" by many pundits. It was created by cartoonist Bill Watterson and it ruled the comic strip for 10 years, enjoying widespread popularity and influence.


Peanuts (1950 - 2000)

Peanuts is among the most popular and influential in the history of comic strips, with 18,000 strips published in all. It was created by Charles M. Schultz who wrote and drew every single one of the strips by himself. The final Peanuts comic ran on the day Schultz died, February 12, 2000.



Garfield (1978)

Created by Jim Davis, this chronic American strip was initially released under the name 'Jon', but was later renamed after the cat following growing popularity. The iconic creator and writer Jim Davis initially portrayed the legendary orange cat's owner Jonathan 'Jon' Arbuckle as the primary character; however, Garfield took the lead in later strips.

The comic series is reportedly worth more than $800 million to over $1 billion from licensing and merchandising deals alone.


Zits (1997)

Debuting in over 200 newspapers, Jim Borgman's popular cartoon about teenage Jeremy Duncan and his life has won many awards for its realistic portrayal.

As of 2010, it continues to be syndicated by King Features and is now included in "more than 1,700 newspapers worldwide in 45 countries and is translated into 15 different languages.

Set in central Ohio suburbia, the comic focuses on Jeremy as he tries to balance his family life, social life, the academic demands of high school and his plans for the future, often with a heavy dose of surrealism, making it stand out from being just a typical teenager cartoon strip.


Dilbert (1989)

This satirical office-based comic strip is created by Scott Adams. It became a cultural touchstone for many frustrated workers. The comic primarily explores topics like the inefficiency of meetings, the uselessness of management, and the absurdity of office politics.