Olympics 2020: Technology at Tokyo Games is exceptional; it promises sustainability too

 | Updated: Aug 08, 2021, 09:19 AM IST

From virtual cheers to robot assistance during games, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 provided an outstanding display of technology and also promise sustainability. Here's a look at display of stunning technology at the Games:

Coverage at Tokyo Olympics

In the absence of fans in the stands at the Tokyo Olympics, broadcasters are relying on technology to give viewers a more vivid experience. With a promise to provide viewers with a stunning visual experience at home, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) used 3D Athlete-Tracking. It is a system being used by OBS that takes images from multiple cameras and combines them using artificial intelligence to show the sporting action from every angle. 


Video screens at venues

Only athletes understand the importance of fans and the kind of boost they provide at stadiums while competing. Deprived of spectators, athletes are able to see fans cheering them on via screens in venues that will display mosaics of selfie videos sent in from around the world. 


AI gadget

The risks of heatstroke at one of the hottest Games on record are borne not only by the athletes but also by the thousands of staff, especially at outdoor venues. In addition to conventional measures like water spray and mist fans, organisers are going high-tech, deploying a cloud-based system from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group to monitor workers' real-time conditions and send warnings and advice at signs of danger. 


Driverless electric vehicles

Driverless autonomous electric vehicles have grabbed eyeballs at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. They are being used as a shuttle service for all the athletes and officials. They were spotted ferrying athletes. 


Robot basketball player

A basketball-playing robot won hearts at the Tokyo Olympics. Toyota's giant AI robot at halftime of the United States vs France match was one of the hottest attractions. It displayed some outstanding skills.


Cardboard beds at the Olympic Village

The cardboard beds at the Tokyo Olympic Village remained in the headlines for quite some time. As per reports, the beds are made keeping sustainability in mind. The headboard and bed frames are made from recycled cardboard. However, the mattresses are made from polyethylene fibers that can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Their initiatives include furnishing the Olympic Village with recyclable cardboard beds, using electricity from renewable sources and minimising waste at competitions. 


Olympic medals

The organisers at Tokyo 2020 said that they are focusing on sustainability by ensuring that 99 per cent of goods are procured for the Games are reused or recycled. To satisfy the same objective, medals are made from recycled consumer electronics and podiums from old plastic. 


Field support robot

During a game of rugby, a Field Support Robot was used to retrieve rugby balls on day three of the Tokyo Olympics. The robot also helped during track and field events. "This will help reduce both the amount of time needed to retrieve items and the amount of human support required at events," the IOC explained. 

(with inputs from agencies)