Observing Good Friday during a global lockdown

With more than 93 per cent of the world being under a lockdown, to curb the spread of COVID-19, people across the globe are finding myriad ways to celebrate the Holy week.

Let's take a look at it:



Spaniards are finding ways to mark Holy Week from their homes, by blasting religious music from their balconies or viewing videos of last year's parades.



United States

Philadelphia's Archbishop Nelson Perez said that the church will stream services for Good Friday, Holy Saturday in the country.



Church of England has also advised against intinction and the placing of wafers directly on the tongue by those administering Eucharist.

Physical contact during blessings are suspended. It is considering issuing further guidance on elements of those traditional Holy Week and Easter services that could increase risk of transmission, such as the veneration of the cross.



Don Giuseppe Corbari, parson of the Church in Italy, holds mass on Good Friday as he looks towards selfie photographs sent in by his congregation members and glued to empty pews in Giussano.




A smartphone records a catholic priest reciting the mass for Good Friday in the empty Saint Francois-Xavier church, in Paris which to be broadcasted on social networks.


Sri Lanka

People offering their prayers on Good Friday at a church altar in Sri Lanka.



Catholic devotees flagellated themselves and prayed outside of closed churches in Manila on Good Friday as part of their annual penitence for Lent despite government orders to stay indoors due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.


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