New Year Resolutions: In addition to being fit this year, quick fixes for going greener in 2022

With the first week of the new year almost coming to an end, what are those resolutions you promised yourself? To be fitter, perhaps or kinder towards yourself. Among many regular run-of-the-mill resolutions, there’s one that we must all pledge towards as responsible citizens of the world – to go greener in our habits as the Earth needs us. With oceans in trouble and climate ever changing, it’s time we adopted some habits that have less to no carbon footprint. 

Here are some quick fixes for going greener in 2022:

Ditch the Clingfilm for Reusable Products

We know it’s very difficult to stop using cling films to keep our food items fresh but there’s healthier alternatives in the market and it’s time we make that switch. Let that be a green move we make in 2022. You can use reusable beeswax to keep the leftovers fresh. They are biodegradable, reusable and self-sealing. Only thing is they are a bit costlier than the plastic version we have been using all these years. 


Reuse and Refill

The biggest threat to our oceans, forests and animals that depend on it is the massive amount of waste we produce. The best way to limit that is to practice the mantra of ‘reuse and refill’. It’s always better to reuse containers that can be refilled and used multiple times instead of buying a new bottle every time you fill up your house with essentials. This includes products like sanitisers, handwashes, shampoos, containers which store your grocery items and many more. 

The best way to do this is to stock up beautiful glass containers that are easy to wash, clean and store all kinds of items. Unlike plastic, they last longer, have no harmful impact to the environment and look classy too. 


Cloth Bags For Shopping

It’s always easier to pick up those plastic bags that are readily available at every store or supermarket but honestly it doesn’t take much to carry a jute/cotton bag that can be folded and carried in your bag. They are cheaper (since you’re not paying every time for a plastic bag while shopping), they are better for the environment and they make you look cool too. There are scores of options available in the market that look trendy and that you can carry as the ‘it’ bag. 


Use Appliances More Efficiently  

The manner in which we use our home appliances can reduce the energy they consume and in turn not only bring down the cost of running the house but also conserve energy. Don't run washing machines unless you have ample clothes as they use lots of water and detergent. Wait to put extremely hot food inside the fridge as it puts pressure on the refrigerators to work harder to cool the item. It’s a good idea to also regularly defrost both the fridge and freezer because large amounts of deposited ice on the inner surface can restrict airflow and make them work less efficiently. 


Make That Switch to Eco-Friendly Labels

There are ample household items that now come with eco-friendly choices. From bath products to household clean items, try to opt for cleaner alternatives that are made from organic means and have environmental, social and economic benefits. The same applies to makeup and beauty products that have not been tested on animals and don’t include toxic elements in them. 


Swap Light Bulbs for LED

Energy-saving LED bulbs can be up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. They also last six times longer and unlike fluorescent ones contain no toxic elements. If you switch all the bulbs in your home with LED ones, you could reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. 


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