Myanmar: Art, noise campaign in full swing as protests against coup get global support

Thousands of protesters took to streets in Myanmar's biggest city, Yangon on Saturday denouncing the detention of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the military coup. The demonstrations are getting global support with protests being held in South Korea and Thailand too.

Here's a look. 


Noise campaign

Throughout the week, the noise campaign was seen in which doctors and teachers were the professionals who refused to work. People are also banging pots and pans at night to show their anger towards the coup and Suu Kyi's detention. 


Red flags

People are also carrying red flags to show solidarity with Suu Kyi as the leader's National League for Democracy (NLD) party endorses this colour. 


Graffiti art in Thailand

In several countries, people are denouncing the military coup in Myanmar and in one such instance, a graffiti made by artist Mue Bon in one of the street walls in Bangkok in which Suu Kyi is seen facing a machine gun. 


Demonstration in Japan says 'Free Suu Kyi'

Protesters from Myanmar living in Japan raised their fists and carried a poster of Suu Kyi outside the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo. 


Protests in South Korea

The protests were also held in Seoul, South Korea and in this image, demonstrators are carrying a flag of NLD near the military office of the Myanmar embassy.  


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