Minnie Mouse in pantsuit! A look at female leaders who've rocked the outfit

Updated: Jan 28, 2022, 06:20 PM(IST)

A historic move! One of the world’s most-loved animated characters, Minnie Mouse ditched her iconic red dress and will now wear a pantsuit - designed by British fashion designer Stella McCartney. The change comes in the time when pantsuits have become the symbol of expression for strong women worldwide. 

From Michelle Obama's to the Vice President of the United States of America Kamala Harris: Take a look at female world leaders and their love for pantsuits.  


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, the former first lady continues to dazzle with her impeccable style whenever she steps out. Her outfits choices have evolved over the year and we all know how much she loves wearing pantsuits. Whether it's her statement purple pantsuit which she wore at the inauguration of new President Joe Biden or the striped one 

Obama’s “power suiting” trend includes every style, colour and eye-catching accessories  ― From the bold black colour to the pantsuit donned with pink crystals. 


Kamala Harris

Apart from focusing on her political career, we can’t help but notice how amazing Vice President Kamala Harris looks in her work uniform which mainly consists of pantsuits. Her best outfits include fitted grey pantsuits, a velvet blue suit, and many others -- all her styles hopefully inspires working women on what to wear for work. 


Hillary Clinton

“I did this because I like pantsuits,” Hilary Clinton writes in her book 'What Happened.' For over three decades, Clinton has managed to captivate the nation with her Capitol Hill clothing choices and obviously has turned the pantsuit into a powerful symbol of female power and feminism. 



Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is the most influential woman not only in politics but also in the fashion world. Merkel, who is a part of big politics for over 30 years now, has not only attracted the public with her strong statements but also by her sartorial choices.

Many things have changed but her sense of fashion remained the same - from her iconic three-button jacket to the pantsuits, the only thing that is changed is the colour and designs.


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