Meet the new Miss Universe 2021: 'Chak de phatte India,' says Harnaaz Sandhu

Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned Miss Universe 2021 as she won hearts with her confidence, wit and charm. The 21-year-old from from the city of Chandigarh in India is a Punjabi actress who loves acting, singing, yoga among other things. Winning the crown for India after a gap of 21 years, here's taking a look at what makes Harnaaz Sandhu different from the competition.

A Beauty Queen

Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu always had it in her. She won Miss Universe India 2021 after winning several beauty pageants like Times Fresh Face Miss Chandigarh 2017, Miss Max Emerging Star India 2018 and Femina Miss India Punjab 2019. 


Modelling to Miss Universe pageant

They say when you seek for something, the universe gets it to you. This proverb got a little too literal for Harnaaz Sandhu as she was crowned the Miss Universe 2021. Her Instagram bio reads, “Shine like the whole Universe is yours” and the 21-year-old literally shined at the world forum as she won the coveted title. Harnaaz started off young as a model after she finished school and college in Chandigarh. She then bagged several endorsements and modelling gigs before entering beauty pageants. 


Not Just Another Pretty Face

Harnaaz Sandhu must have found fame as Miss Universe but she’s also someone who enjoys other activities apart from modelling and runways. The pretty girl loves to act, sing, dance, swim among other things. She is also an avid horse rider and passionate for fitness and health. She does yoga and likes cooking too. 


Acting Career

Harnaaz Sandu from Chandigarh has been a part of Punjabi film industry and has starred in films like Yaara Diyan Poo Baran and Bai Ji Kuttange. She is also active in the theatre circuit.

We are hoping she follows the path of her peers and seniours like Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen and see her soon in the Hindi film industry too and subsequently Hollywood!


Beauty With Brains

As per her Miss Universe delegate bio, Harnaaz, draws inspiration from her mother, who “broke generations of patriarchy to become a successful gynecologist and led her family”. Deeply conscious of the privilege her mother’s struggles have gifted her, Sandhu said she is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, particularly their constitutional rights to education, careers and their freedom of choice.


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