Major controversies of Indian Premier League 2019


 | Updated: May 13, 2019, 05:24 PM IST

The Indian Premier League 2019 is over as Mumbai won the trophy after defeating Chennai in the final. Here's a list of major controversies that happened during the tournament


The twelfth edition of IPL was shadowed by 'Mankading' controversy when Punjab skipper Ravichandran Ashwin ran out Rajasthan's Jos Buttler, who was at the non-strikers' end, without giving him any warning. 

Buttler's dismissal during a league match between Rajasthan and Punjab triggered a spirit of game debate and left the cricket world divided.  

The custodians of the game MCC doing a flip-flop. The MCC, at the onset, said Ashwin did the correct thing only to change its statement next day with one of its representatives stating that "the pause was just too long and therefore not within the spirit of cricket." 

Ashwin faced a severe backlash after the incident but was even supported by some players. 

The issue continued to be in headlines when players like Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan made fun of Ashwin's act while playing. 


Nigel Llong

Cricket umpire Nigel Llong paid for the repairs after damaging the glass door in the umpire's room at Bengaluru's M Chinnaswamy Stadium during Bangalore final home game against Hyderabad on May 4. 

Llong reportedly kicked the door after a controversial end to Hyderabad's innings. The umpire had signalled a no-ball off Umesh Yadav's bowling but the replays suggested that the delivery was legal. 

He paid Rs 5000 for the damages.  

After the replays, Llong was seen having a discussion with Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli and bowler Yadav when the big screens at the ground showed that the bowler had not overstepped. 



Chennai's skipper MS Dhoni was seen extremely angry at the umpires in the last over while chasing 152-run target against Ajinkya Rahane-led Rajasthan team on April 12. 

The confusion emerged when the umpire, for a moment, indicated a no-ball but the leg-umpire said he never signalled for it. Ravindra Jadeja and Mitchell Santner started questioning the on-field umpires and amid that, Dhoni walked onto the ground to talk to the umpires.  

Umpires, however, denied it and eventually signalled it as a legitimate delivery. In the TV replays, the ball was found to be a slower full toss, which appeared to be above the waist of Santner. 

Dhoni was seen shouting 'No ball' from the dug-out as Ravindra Jadeja was seen arguing with the umpire. To everyone's horror, an angry Dhoni entered the field of play, which certainly isn't allowed as per rule and took the umpire head-on. 


Kieron Pollard

In the finals match against Chennai, Mumbai's Kieron Pollard took strike near the tramline before nearly leaving the pitch, attracting the ire of the umpires. Mumbai's batsman Pollard, though, adamantly stood his ground in protest. 

Bowling the final over of the first innings, Dwayne Bravo, finding Pollard shuffle repeatedly towards the off-stump from his one-leg guard, cleverly bowled fuller deliveries outside the 'tramline' (marked for wide balls) for three dot balls. 

On all three occasions, straight umpire Nitin Menon didn't signal wide as expected by Pollard, the reason being the burly batsman's big trigger. 

After the third dot delivery, Pollard's frustration was evident as he flipped his bat in the air even though he didn't utter a word. 

Just as Bravo got into his stride to bowl the fourth delivery, Pollard, in a mock gesture, left the stumps open and kept walking towards the side of the crease. 

He even got reprimanded by the on-field umpires. 


Sachin and Laxman

Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman were served notice by Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) Ombudsman-cum-Ethics-Officer Justice DK Jain for their alleged 'conflict of interest' by serving as a mentor of Indian Premier League franchise as well as being a member of Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC). 

Although, Sachin later explained his part as he claimed to have neither "received any compensation" nor of holding any decision making a role in the Indian Premier League franchise Mumbai team.


Andre Russell

When Kolkata lost six matches in a row, their star all-rounder Andre Russell lamented the "bad decisions" taken by his team. 

Russell said the atmosphere in the team is not healthy as he likes to keep himself confined to his room.

"We have to make sure that we have a good practice session, do whatever it takes, put our body on the line and make sure that we take Kolkata over the line for next three games. 

"I find myself just been in my room for the last couple of days losing games after games. I'm not the type of guy to do the walking around... It's hard to do the walk around losing six games in a row. 

"It's not healthy, to be honest. I'm feeling down at the moment but tomorrow when we cross the rope my energy level will be 150. As cricketers, we have to have the passion inside, and not just to show it on the TV," he added.  

In the later stage, he was promoted and started playing at the number 4 spot. Kolkata failed to book a place in the playoffs. 


KL Rahul

The twelfth edition of Indian Premier League will be remembered for the love-hate relations of the bails and balls and there have been so many incidents when a full pace delivery failed to wipe off the bails. 

From Dhawal Kulkarni to Jofra Archer, bowlers have been denied a clean wicket just because the stubborn bails refused to come off the stumps.