Life coming back on track as countries begin to ease restrictions

 | Updated: May 04, 2020, 02:04 PM IST

From the United States to Asia, people are emerging from their homes to take advantage of the coronavirus-related restrictions that are being eased.

Let's take a look:



Spanish children took to the streets of Madrid to enjoy their newfound freedom. 

Some parents took precautions, dressing their kids with protective gear before going out.  



Residents of the German city of Essen flocked to their local drive-in cinema reigniting a pastime of the old world fit for today's time.

Cinemas were closed in the country with no date set for when they might be able to re-open.


COVID-19 slow downs

The re-opening of Bondi and a couple of neighbouring beaches came as several of Australia's states began slowly easing restrictions on public gatherings, spurred by a slowing of confirmed coronavirus cases around the country.


South Korea

From malls in Seoul to jammed expressways leaving the capital to South Korea's southern vacation island of Jeju, shoppers and travellers crowded malls and beaches on the first long weekend since the country began easing coronavirus curbs last month.


New Zealand

New Zealand police had to enforce crowd control at multiple fast food restaurants after a 'stampede of customers' flocked to New Zealand fast food joints after the country relaxed its lockdown.

There was huge cue outside of cars lined up outside them who waited several hours to collect takeaway food from them.