Fake news: Kim, Trump lookalikes commit to 'peace' ahead of Hanoi summit

Updated: Feb 22, 2019, 08:25 PM(IST)

Doppelgangers of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leaders Kim Jong-un met in Vietnam's Hanoi on Thursday days before a meeting between the real leaders who will hold a second summit on February 27-28.

'Heavily bronzed and freshly coiffed impersonators'

Heavily bronzed and freshly coiffed, Donald Trump's doppelganger says he has come to Hanoi to meet with a Kim Jong Un lookalike to end North Korea's nuclear ambitions, and maybe play a bit of golf.

'We're working toward peace. Through negotiations, with dialogue, we want to help North Korea of course,' said Trump impersonator Russell White, in a sharp suit and blue tie. 


Summit agenda

Though the agenda for the planned summit has not been released, Howard X, Kim Jong-un impersonator, says he has a few aims for his pow-wow with the fake Trump.


Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

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Non-official agendas include 'massage and golf'

The men have a few non-official agenda items this week too -- maybe a massage parlour, a round of golf and hopefully a chance to try some of Hanoi's culinary delights.


$15,000 for a gig as impersonators

Out of character, the pair say they can make good money as impersonators -- as long as Kim and Trump are in the news.

"The good thing for Kim is he's always doing something interesting, also Trump," said Howard X, who charges a minimum of $3,500 for an appearance and says he once walked away with $15,000 for a gig.


Burdensome work

Howard X says it takes him three hours to perfect the Kim look, carefully manicured hair, thick black glasses and suits from a top tailor in Hong Kong where he is based.

Though he's mastered the get-up, Trump is not entirely happy about it.

'Mr Kim please get a proper haircut, this sucks,' he said, standing on the steps of Hanoi's colonial-era Opera House with black-clad bodyguards and a swarm of media.



'Make America great again'

As for White, it only takes him 20 minutes to bronze his face -- excluding his under eyes -- and gel his blonde hair to look like the man he says is doing a great job.

"You're doing a difficult job, keep up the good work, we're going to make America great again," the full-time, Canadian-born impersonator said.


Band of 'tyrants'

The pair say they are looking for a few more impersonators to complete their band of "tyrants", calling for any lookalikes of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping or Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to come forward.


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