Kamala Harris, a disco-dancing teenager, yearned for a home in Canada

Indian-origin US Senator and Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris has spent her adolescent years in Canada. 

Let us take a look at her journey:

Extroverted American teenager

Kamala Harris, center, in a yearbook photo from 1981 with fellow graduates at Westmount High. Being an extroverted American teenager who had moved to Montreal from California at age 12, dreamed of becoming a lawyer and liked dancing to Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.


(Photograph:Nasuna Stuart-Ulin ©️ The New York Times)

Best friend

Wanda Kagan, the best friend of Kamala Harris from high school, lived with the family of Harris for a time during a difficult period in her adolescence.


(Photograph:Nasuna Stuart-Ulin ©️ The New York Times)


In 1981, Kamala Harris graduated from Westmount High, one of the most diverse high schools in Montreal. The school was roughly 60 percent white and 40 percent, Black, in 1978 to 1981. It was founded in 1874.


(Photograph:Nasuna Stuart-Ulin ©️ The New York Times)

Social butterfly

Hugh Kwok, who has built and repaired Porsches with his father for 40 years, remembers Harris as a social butterfly.


(Photograph:Nasuna Stuart-Ulin ©️ The New York Times)

Super Six dance troupe

A collection of photographs from Wanda Kagan showing her with Kamala Harris, including when they were in the Super Six dance troupe.

Harris attended Black community dance parties and found sisterhood in an all-female dance troupe, Super Six, later Midnight Magic.


(Photograph:Nasuna Stuart-Ulin ©️ The New York Times)

Pep Club

Harris, center on the right page, in 1981 with fellow members of the Pep Club, in her graduating year at Westmount High.

She was also active, performing in fashion shows, working on the yearbook, and part of the Pep Club, whose members yelled and sang at school events accompanied by a rabbit mascot, Purple Peter.


(Photograph:Nasuna Stuart-Ulin ©️ The New York Times)

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