Joe Biden holds 'drive-in' rally a week before US election 2020

Joe Biden held a successful "drive-in" election rally and accused his rival Donald trump of downplaying the novel coronavirus, a week before the US Elections 2020 


On Tuesday, Joe Biden held a drive-in rally to make sure there is no spread of the novel coronavirus.


Large masked crowd

He was greeted with a massive crowd that practised social distancing and majorly woke face masks.  


For environmnt

People drove to the location of the rally in their personal vehicles, and some even claimed to have carpooled to save the environment.


'Dump Trump'

The most favourite chant for the crowd turned out to be 'Dum Trump'. Biden supporters also printed the same on t-shirts and flags.a


Screened efforts

A big screen, along with several smaller screens, were also put up at various spots near the venue to make is easier for the audience to listen without breaking the social distancing.


Staged leader

A stage was set up on a heightened order in the middle of the venue for Joe Biden with microphones attached that made it easier for the supporters to watch and hear him.



On the other hand, Donald Trump hosted a rally where the crowd was seen defying all social distancing rules as they all cramped up in small distances with either no masks or only the 'MAGA'masks.


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